I’m Hoping You Can Learn from My Mistakes

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I turned 38 years-old today. Looking back on a myriad of past mistakes and bad decisions, here’s my birthday present to anyone interested — 38 lessons that I wish I’d learned much earlier in life.

  1. We almost always know what we should do to get what we want. We just rarely do it. We don’t want to pay the price. Recognize that there’s always a sacrifice that comes with achieving something of significance.
  2. Trying to keep score in a relationship is a recipe for disappointment.
  3. Action isn’t just the effect of motivation. …

Your Vote is Your Voice. It Matters. Use It.

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“The first lesson is this: take it from me, every vote counts.” — Al Gore

One afternoon in 1842, as Henry Shoemaker was working on a farm in Indiana, he realized that he’d forgotten to vote. Having promised his vote to Madison Marsh, a Democrat running for state representative, and not wanting to miss out on his civic duty, he saddled his horse and rode twelve miles to the polling place that afternoon.

When he arrived, there wasn’t a ticket available that listed the combination of Democrat and Whig candidates that he wanted to support. Unwilling to be deterred, he borrowed a penknife and cut out names from a few different tickets. He ended up with four pieces of paper that he wrapped together to cast his ballot. …

Stop Falling Victim to Entitlement Bias

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Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

You operate a small business with five employees, all of who make $20 per hour. Your business is doing well, no real problems. But unemployment is up and other similar businesses are hiring reliable workers at $15 per hour.

Is it okay to cut your worker’s hourly rate to $15 and match the market?

Most people say no. When Daniel Kahneman ran a similar experiment, he found that 83% of people saw this as unfair. It seems very wrong to cut someone’s salary while the business is doing well.

But what if we changed the situation slightly?

Consider the same scenario, but as employees leave, you hire on replacements at $15 per hour. Is that okay? …


Jake Wilder

Enemy of the Status Quo.

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