Well said Cole. It’s easy to let negative feedback push us back into the safety of anonymity. But it stunts our growth in the long-term. And ignores the majority of others who do appreciate our efforts. And those that want to help.

I’ll never understand people who actively decide that their contribution to this world is to put forth hate-filled diatribe. That group that’s threatened by others’ progress along a path they wish they had the courage to tread.

As Vironika Tugaleva wisely put it, “There is a difference between judgment and feedback. Your critics use you as a mirror for their own hidden darkness. Your teachers hold up a mirror to yours.”

But as you said, we can’t learn from the good criticism without wading through the bad.

I tried to touch on the similar topic of dealing with rejection in a recent article, Rejection Sucks. So What Can We Do About It? I’d very much value your opinion on it. Assuming of course, it’s good criticism.

Thanks again.

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Enemy of the Status Quo.

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