US Voters Fire Underperforming Employee

We’ve Decided to Go Another Way with the Position

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Let me start by saying that we appreciate how you’ve heightened the civic engagement within this country. Your involvement spurred unparalleled levels of voting in this year’s election. Not only that, but it brought to light a lot of harsh truths about this country. Clearly, we have a lot of work to do.

That being said, we simply cannot allow you to continue in this position any longer. The future of our country remains paramount. And it needs a leader that can build trust, connection, and better position us for the future.

The key word here is trust. We need to have someone in this position who we can trust to act in the long-term best interest of this country.

We know that a lot of people are upset over the amount of broken promises, but in all honesty, that’s not why we’re here. Yes, you promised to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it. In actuality, neither of those events occurred. Yes, you promised to slow down vaccination schedules, despite the advice of the medical community, and get rid of common core education. Again, you fell short in both areas.

I know you’ve said that you accomplished all of your promises. But the facts simply do not support these claims.

While many are disappointed by these outcomes, they didn’t drive this decision. In truth, your inability to focus and execute a plan was somewhat of a relief. Given the abhorrent nature of many of your ideas and positions, we think it’s for the best that they never materialized.

The biggest problem is that while you never hesitated to criticize and promote chaos, you failed to develop solutions and bring people together. Our nation needs strategy and compromise, not poorly thought out reactions and angry tweets. We simply cannot have someone in this office that is so committed to dividing the country instead of uniting it.

While you frequently criticized the Affordable Care Act, we never once saw a credible plan to replace it. We’re looking for someone who can bring solutions to the problems facing our nation, not merely criticize with immunity.

In addition, your anti-science agenda is jeopardizing the long-term health of both our nation and the world at large. If we’re to secure our position as a world leader, it needs to be through technology and innovation. We’re looking for someone who can embrace these tools of the future, not overcommit to an obsolete past. We need to compete through science, robotics, and alternative energy, not dogma, tariffs, and coal.

Continuing to invest in your anti-science agenda would be putting this nation on a doomed strategy — not only for the current generation, but for our children and generations to come.

Another primary concern is with the people you chose for your staff. Candid feedback and constructive arguments are critical to a well-run organization. Surrounding yourself with sycophants creates a serious liability for our future. As a nation, we simply cannot attain excellence with the second- and third-rate staffers that you’ve placed in critical positions.

I could go on, but there’s little reason to continue focusing on past mistakes.

I suppose the final straw was in how you managed the pandemic over the past year. There’s no doubt that this was a difficult situation. But your unwillingness to recognize and acknowledge this issue is the antithesis of the leader that we need. In the vacuum of strong leadership, the nation floundered, with individual states making shortsighted decisions that prolonged the nation’s suffering — a price that we’re still paying today.

We need someone who’s willing to face facts with clarity and put the good of our nation before their own personal gains. We need someone who can lead through crises and adversity to build a stronger future. And simply put, this expectation seems beyond your capacity.

In truth, you didn’t actually get the majority vote in 2016. I suppose that should have been a good indicator of things to come.

For all these reasons and more, we need to let you go. Perhaps if you’d spent less time on the golf course and more time trying to lead, this would have ended up differently. But I suppose there’s no sense in second-guessing past decisions at this point.

We’d appreciate your maturity and professionalism in accepting this decision so that we can all move forward. Feel free to take some time and clean out your office. We’ll need you to be out by January 20th.

Enemy of the Status Quo.

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