This episode was actually my favorite so far.

It would have been easy for Suzanne Collins to write a thriller that sensationalized violence and gained enough popularity to find herself on bestseller lists. And yet she held to the story that was important to her, despite the chance it could

I remember reading the books and being upset that she had Prim die at the end. I remember wanting a happier ending and questioning why she’d include such a negative turn when it seemed as though everything was going to work out perfectly.

And that was the point. Because that’s the cost of violence. That’s the cost of war. Collins was constantly there to remind us of those costs. So that when these choices present themselves to us, we don’t go in with a glorified view that desensitizes us to the costs. But an open-eyed one that is always considering them.

Excellent podcast. Can’t wait for the new ones next week.

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Enemy of the Status Quo.

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