Thanks for the feedback Jawn Lam and sorry for the delay in response. In answer to your question, I think leaders need to set aside a certain amount of time initially to flush out the alternatives and avoid going with the first, most convenient solution. I prefer to get these ideas out and then quickly decide on a couple to move forward with. I think the key is to explore a couple options with short-term checkpoints so we’re in a better position to assess the relative effectiveness as we go.

But if there’s no clear favorite after some initial research, then it quickly becomes time for the leader to dictate a direction. It’s situational, but I think the timing needs to be at the point when success will be based on thorough execution of the idea as opposed to the idea itself. It depends on resource level, but often once the initial ideas are stress-tested, focused execution becomes critical to long-term success.

That being said, I think we need to always plan in short-term bursts with set periods of reflection to explore new paths that will present themselves.

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