Thanks for the comment and kind words Lisa-Marie.

For me, I found that if I’m going to work at it every day, I need to do it in the morning. At night, there’s too many miscellaneous tasks and distractions. Also, my productivity at night was too dependent on how that day went. A tough day at work would end with me in front of the television instead of at the computer.

So now I try to keep the schedule of waking up at 5am, exercising for around 30 minutes, then writing until around 7am. This way, by the time I’m going to work I’ve already gotten in my exercise and my writing. Which brings a tremendous sense of accomplishment before I’ve really started the day.

That’s worked for me so far. Trying to fit it in at odd moments or at the end of the night was just too sporadic to sustain a daily practice.

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Enemy of the Status Quo.

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