Thanks for the article Drake. It’s depressing to think of people idolizing the workaholic mentality. A future generation of divorced curmudgeons whose children are little more than strangers.

When it comes down to it, I really believe that most workaholics are simply cowards.

It’s easy to spend all of our time at work. Work is constantly challenging. Our minds are engaged and we feel energized through our daily successes. We know that our efforts will produce a tangible result. And we thrive on seeing those immediate, positive consequences for our investments.

Spending time with our family is less straight-forward. The time can be less engaging and the payoff may not be for years down the road. We don’t see immediate results. And as such, we don’t have the discipline to invest our time in this area.

I say this because I’ve been this person. I was more comfortable at work, grinding out twelve hour days, than I was at home with my wife and newborn daughter. So I rationalized away reasons for working late and missing bedtimes.

And it deeply pains me that I missed out on that precious time. I didn’t have the strength to recognize true values. And I didn’t have the discipline to embrace those challenges.

And I hope others don’t make this same mistake.

Writing helps me realize just how little I know.