I meant that we tend to be comfortable failing as long as it's in the same way as everyone else. People will stay with a dead-end job or put up with a miserable boss provided that it's the norm to do so. It's failing, but they're comfortable with that level of failure. They're more hesitant to go out and try something new.

When people are looking for jobs, they're often content to blindly submit their resumes into a black box with little chance of hearing back. It's failing, but it's a way to fail with relatively little investment. Reaching out and building relationships with new companies will likely prove more effective, yet it requires those candidates to take an active step away from majority. It requires more personal investment and hence more vulnerability. So few people go that route.

I think the crux of it is that when we're failing in the same way as everyone else, we still have an excuse. We can avoid putting all of the blame on ourselves. When we go outside the norms and try to do something unique, we lose that rationale. Which makes it much more daunting. Even though that's the best way to succeed.

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Enemy of the Status Quo.

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