Great article Niklas. Until reading this, I hadn’t sat down and considered the process I run through when coming up with ideas and writing about them. Thinking about it now, there’s a lot of consistency to the process you laid out. Or I’m just a sucker for recency bias.

Do I care about this? If I keep thinking about something over the course of the week, I usually need to write about it. If only for the reason to better align my thoughts.

Can I be authentic? I’m not nearly talented enough to write about something that I haven’t personally experienced. When I try, the writing always comes out flat. No passion. Not interesting.

Can I be interesting? A question lurking below the surface every moment I’m writing. Is this interesting? I don’t know. I’m hoping my gauge gets more attuned over time. We’ll see.

Can I see both sides of the argument? I’m not always successful in this one, but if I can’t understand opposing viewpoints, it becomes much more difficult to develop a persuasive argument.

Can I be helpful? My favorite articles to read are ones that help me solve a problem. Or just give me some new advice to try out or a new perspective to consider. If I can’t do that, why am I wasting people’s time?

Enemy of the Status Quo.

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