As a fellow Bills fan, I feel your pain.

I agree that when we’re analyzing our career prospects, we can’t afford this level of irrational behavior. We can’t remain with a Customer or employee simply because we have so many positive memories.

“He’s not so bad, remember when he came through that one project?”

“Uh, Jake, that was almost 20 years ago.”

“Oh. Okay, I suppose it’s time we moved on.”

But I suppose that begs the question, would we be justified in abandoning a franchise that hasn’t shown the will to succeed for nearly two decades? Rationally speaking, I would say yes. But I suppose sports aren’t rational.

And I can’t discount that sticking with them has built a certain internal resilience that’s served me well in other areas of life.

As an aside, my family’s now located in Pittsburgh. I decided that I couldn’t subject my son and daughter to a life filled with Bills and Sabres disappointments. So I made the decision to raise the kids as Steelers and Penguins fans. Which they’re loving. And I’m sitting here, still hoping this will be the Bills’ year…

Writing helps me realize just how little I know.

Writing helps me realize just how little I know.