Absolutely. But I don’t know if we even need to teach it. I think if we start taking steps to reinforce creativity more openly, then the tide starts to turn.

I really believe that most people want to be innovative. They want to make a difference and that comes with having a unique impact. But if that behavior isn’t appreciated by the company, then the people won’t demonstrate it. So we need to support a culture that rewards creativity. We need to trust people to do the right thing and let them find their own way of making that happen. And when it doesn’t work out, we need to prioritize learning. And celebrate those that try something new.

And there’s definitely companies that get it. And do an amazing job of this. And are a shining beacon for the rest of us.

But in too many environments there’s a sense of complacency against losing the old way. The procedures and rules that have served the company well for so long. It’s heresy to consider abandoning them. And that complacency is tough to crack. Until it becomes a critical problem. At which time, hopefully it’s not too late.

Written by

Enemy of the Status Quo.

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